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How to help

We accept donations!  Items we are in need of are, but not limited too, Baby formula, diapers, cat food, dog food, household essentials, toiletries and more.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with events and sorting/organizing donations.  If you are interested in volunteering some of your time, please let us know!


"Helping Delaware county one family at a time" - Founder Pauline Butcher

Kayla B.

“I Want to speak on how much of an impact Delco Helping Hands has had on me and my sons life. When I first joined the page I had JUST left a very abusive relationship. I ran away with basically NOTHING... I made apost on (the page) about needing clothes and such... 10 minuntes I had OVER 50 people offering me clothes for both of us. It was such a blessing to be able to get back on my feet in such short time. When they say ut take a village to raise a child I 1000% believe that now... This is my village and they are the most INCREDIBLE people you could have behind you! Ive learned so much and have even made quite a few mom friends from this village! Continue to make a difference DHH!

Sherrylynn S. 

"I'm so extremley grateful for Delco Helping Hands. 8 months ago I was given my infant granddaughter and had only a diaper bag and a few outfits. I was at my wits end a lovely youg lady calmed me down and siad I know someone who can help you a baby group I was introduced to (Pauline) and she helped me along with the villagers from the group have assisted me beyond belief. I have been able to have everything  she had needed thru these 8 months. I love the events and getting to meet everyone.. Thy provided me formula and diapers every two weeks... I am extremely grateful for the community. These wonderful woman take there time and love for us all...Thank you for being my angels and helping me raise my wonderful granddaughter... Delco helping hands is the change we need in this world"

Elaine B.

“As a volunteer , I am very impressed with the village that (Delco Helping Hands) has become in a short amount of time. The members know when they reach out to other members for support, advice, guidance or encouragement, they will be treated in a caring respectful , helpful , knowledgeable  manner. DHHSP has undoubtedly helped many people in their time of need at no cost to them due to the generosity and compassion of these folks. Our community  is beyond blessed to have this resource available to us. Kudos to the admins, experts andvolunteers who keep this organization  running. I hope they realize the difference they're making for so many families.”

Thank you to our Sponsors

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